5 Tips for Choosing
the Best Medical Billing Service

With so many medical billing and coding services out there it can be challenging to decide which medical billing service to go with. Health Revenue 360, LLC has great tips that will ease the challenge of selecting a medical billing and coding team.

Don’t Choose a Billing Service Based Solely on Price

Although cost is an important factor to consider when hiring a medical billing service, it should not be the only thing influencing your decision. It is crucial to get up front pricing and to find a billing company who will customize your contract to make sure you are not paying for services you do not need.

Look for Support Throughout the Entire Billing Cycle

When choosing a medical billing and coding company, you’ll want a billing service that’s there for your practice throughout the entire revenue cycle management process. Whoever you choose must excel at every stage, from electronic patient insurance verification to payment processing and denial management. You want a trusted billing service that you can rely on to increase your revenue.

Find a Medical Billing Company with Experience and Expertise

Different specialties come with unique billing and coding challenges; working with a company that has coding experience in your field is important since they will have a better grasp of your specialty.

Working with a company that understands your speciality will decrease errors in billing. A company that doesn’t have a firm grasp on a specialty can lead to inaccuracies in coding and make it harder to achieve the goals your practice has set.


Medical billing software is full of personal and private patient data. When you select a medical billing company, you’re trusting them to handle this patient and financial data securely. You’ll want to ask about their security system and if their billing system is HIPAA-compliant. It is important for you and your patients to know your information is safe.

Great Customer Service

Quality customer service is everything; from the care/service you give your patients to service you receive from a medical billing and coding company, it’s a professional service that you’ve invested in and you’ll want the most out of it.

You never know when you’ll run into problems, working with a company that provides quick support and responsiveness when you need it is crucial. The company you’re working with is not just a vendor but a partner, you’re ensuring your trust in them to get the job done–quickly and effectively.

Your account should be handled by coders and billers who are certified. During your search, there are questions you’ll want to ask so you can find the perfect fit for your practice. Knowing what questions to ask will make the process that much easier.

Questions to ask:

  • How many people will be assigned to my account?
  • How much experience does your company have in my specialty?
  • What are your average days in Accounts Receivable for my specialty?
  • What billing services are included in the package I’m paying for?
  • Are there any additional fees, or are those fees included in what I’ll be paying?

Health Revenue 360, LLC is the business of helping healthcare providers thrive and be financially successful. We work with your practice to address their billing and coding pain points through a range of services. Our Team knows that quality customer service comes first. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please reach out to us.