Physical Therapy Billing Services

Your physical therapy practice is dedicated to helping patients become stronger and better at managing their injuries or illnesses. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to help them regain full mobility and functionality, which is why you shouldn’t let tedious paperwork stand in your way.

Health Revenue 360, LLC can provide full physical therapy billing services to help take the burden of administrative tasks off your shoulders. We have vast specialized knowledge of physical therapy billing, meaning we know all the procedures, terminology and coding practices. Our experts can take care of your physical therapy RCM needs so you can concentrate on delivering the highest-quality care to patients.

Our Services

When choosing us to outsource your physical therapy billing, you gain the benefit of our extensive and expert capabilities. Our primary services include:

  • Medical Billing: We provide physical therapy practices with end-to-end revenue cycle management that’s geared to their specific needs. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to handle your entire billing operations.
  • Medical Coding: With guaranteed accuracy and quick turnaround, we are the ideal place to turn for coding expertise. We can help you prevent inaccuracies that can disrupt your cash flow and lead to problems at the federal or state level.
  • Credentialing and Contracting: Let our experience guide your physical therapy practice through this challenging process. We know how frustrating it can be to work with insurers. That’s why we strive to streamline everything for you.
  • Denial Management: Our goal is to help ensure you receive every dollar that’s due to you. Our dedicated team will work hard to manage any denied claims and resubmit them so you won’t miss any revenue.
  • Medical Record Auditing: Not only can we comb through your records and correct any coding mistakes, but we also train your staff members so they can avoid making them in the future. This makes it easier to keep your office in good financial health.
  • Healthcare Practice Management: It is critical to have the right people in your practice and good rapport with them and your community. We can help make sure that you have both.

Why Choose Health Revenue 360, LLC?

We are your single-source provider for a wide range of capabilities designed to reduce the burden of paperwork and bureaucracy. With our help, you can stop worrying about tedious tasks and challenges, and spend more time working with patients.

The experience we have assisting a broad spectrum of specialty practices in multiple states means we have a wide base of billing and physical therapy coding knowledge. We tailor our capabilities to meet your exact situation so you can focus on growth or streamlining your operations for greater efficiency.

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