Orthopedics Billing And Coding

Many orthopedic practices give high-quality, hands-on care to patients. To provide help with disease, injury or disorder care, it’s critical for patients to receive the best level of support from their providers. Whether your practice is working to restore someone’s mobility through complex treatments or you’re working to prevent disease, you need all the time you can get with patients. Utilizing orthopedics billing and coding enables you to have more time.

Medical billing and coding is a necessary step in managing the business side of your practice. At the same time, it’s a mundane and sometimes challenging process of paperwork and administrative tasks. These are the types of tasks that take away from your time with patients. Health Revenue 360, LLC provides the full range of revenue cycle management services for your practice.

Health Revenue 360, LLC specializes in working with orthopedic practices. That means we understand the services you provide, including procedures and treatments, along with all terminology and relevant coding practices associated with it.

Our Services

Our orthopedic medical billing services enable you to focus on patients with confidence

  • Medical Billing: Health Revenue 360, LLC’s medical billing services provide full end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions for your orthopedic practice — including claim creation, payment posting and follow-up — enabling faster payments and more accuracy.
  • Medical Coding: Our orthopedics coding services help improve accuracy and a faster turnaround time by preventing medical coding inaccuracies.
  • Credentialing and Contracting: Health Revenue 360, LLC also provides support for credentialing and contracting at a competitive cost. We work with orthopedics practices to save you from endless paperwork and calls through this process.
  • Denial Management: Our orthopedic management services include AR follow-ups claims status checks, appeal letter preparation and resolution of denied claims — if and when you receive them. We work with you to see that there is proper verification in place to minimize this occurrence. Should you receive a denial, our team will help you resolve it fast.
  • Medical Record Auditing: Ensuring your orthopedic practice has accurate client records is the foundation of providing quality care. Our goal is to see that you maintain complete records by providing full auditing services. We also work to assure that your clinical documentation is as complete as possible to minimize these risks and improve the overall quality of patient care.
  • Healthcare Practice Management: Allow our professionals to manage your orthopedics practice management needs. Our team can help with staffing services for your back office or help with securing medical professionals for your front office. We can also assist with internal and external communications management, better ensuring proper staff member communication to improve workflows and reduce errors along the way.

Why Choose Health Revenue 360, LLC for Your Solutions Provider?

Our experience working with orthopedic practices across the U.S. enables us to provide highly customized and proven solutions for clients, including orthopedics billing. That experience helps assure your practice is running at its best so you can provide the quality of care your patients deserve.

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