Family Practice Medical Billing

Family Practice physicians spend most of their time working hard to meet the challenges their patients face. Many family practice physicians are dedicated to helping their patients with specialized care to manage health issues for the entire family, with the goal of helping each person to regain health and well-being. Tasks such as family practice medical billing take them away from the good work they do. However, these mundane and often challenging tasks, such as administrative work, shouldn’t get in the way of providing exceptional help to patients.

Health Revenue 360, LLC provides family practice medical billing services to streamline your practice and help ensure the best possible level of care is always available to patients. We understand the terminology, procedures and relevant coding practices necessary to manage all of your medical billing needs as family practice billing specialists.

Comprehensive Family Practice Services Are Available

Health Revenue 360, LLC offers all of the family practice medical coding and billing services you need to allow you the time to work with patients instead of handling the paperwork. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Medical Billing: Providing full family practice revenue cycle management, our team helps to ensure that all of your medical billing needs are met. You don’t have to struggle with billing any longer.
  • Medical Coding: Our comprehensive family practice medical coding services are excellent because our team has a solid understanding of family practice-related codes and processes. That means we can help achieve rapid turnaround times with our accurate information.
  • Credentialing and Contracting: Work with our team to handle all of the credentialing services you need. We partner with insurers so you don’t have to worry about mistakes or costly delays that put your practice on the line.
  • Denial Management: Our goal is to assure that your family practice receives all of the revenue it deserves. A part of that is striving for accuracy so denials do not happen. If they do, we see that your staff and our team work through denials quickly.
  • Medical Record Auditing: Even in the most careful of situations, mistakes happen. With our medical record auditing services, we can help ensure there’s no risk of a problem with compliance or lost revenue from human mistakes.
  • Healthcare Practice Management: For those who want to focus heavily on your family practice, our team can provide comprehensive healthcare practice management services. 

Why Choose Health Revenue 360, LLC for Your Family Practice Billing Needs?

With a strong approach to providing exceptional care, you can depend on Health Revenue 360, LLC for all of your family practice billing needs. Our team has worked with many family practices and providers across numerous states. That means we have the experience you need. We can help you overcome challenges you are facing while also providing access to the resources you need.

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